February 13, 2019  |  Video

Investment in People Builds Community

In Northern California, civic engagement is a central theme in the FII community.

William Goodwin notices a false belief in the society that if you give people access to resources, they will take the money and run. That’s not been his experience.”They will stay. They will volunteer,” he said. “They will help to make their community and family better.”

“FII’s mission is to trust and invest in the initiatives of local communities,” said Michelle Chao, Vice President and Northern California Director.

For Maresa Lara, in addition to launching a cleaning business during FII, her cohort gathered around healing from domestic violence. Giving and receiving in community has helped her see that she is supported, and valued.

“FII looks at: how do you take care of your family? What do you do to help your community?” Goodwin asks. When these factors are measured and quantified, the case for direct investment in the initiatives of families is clear. It’s time for families to have choice and control over the decisions that impact their lives.

Speakers in order of appearance:
William Goodwin, FII-Northern California Family Partner
Michelle Chao, Vice President and FII-Northern California Director
Maresa Lara, FII-Northern California Family Partner

Produced by Family Independence Initiative, With Support from Google.org. Directed by Daresha Kyi. Shot and Edited by Tommy Burns

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