March 12, 2019  |  AnnouncementsNarrative Shifters

Introducing the National Narrative Shifters

FII is proud to announce the National Narrative Shifters, a year long fellowship for current and former Family Partners.

Thirteen people from five sites across the country were selected, for their inspiration and their belief that part of changing the system is changing the narrative in the society about hard working families.

Their role is to capture the stories of FII families. They are reflecting together on their own experiences, and they are aiming to shift the way the society understands who FII families are.

Each Shifter has a “buddy” from another part of the country who they check in with weekly, to trade tips and checkin on how it’s going. The stories linked below (click on the pic) are profiles each buddy wrote about the other. Join us in welcoming this talented group!

Alan Rollins, FII-Detroit
April Andrew, FII-Greater Boston
Bárbara Ortiz, FII-Greater Boston
Jessica Withers, FII-Greater Boston
Jorge Montes Rodriguez, FII-Albuquerque
Julia Bean, FII-Cincinnati
Khrys Styles, FII-Cincinnati
Maria Jandres, FII-NorCal
Mary Muñoz, FII-Albuquerque
Monica Gooden, FII-Detroit
Sharon Burden, FII-Detroit
Tina Brown, FII-Cincinnati
William Goodwin, FII-NorCal

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