April 2, 2019  |  Health Narrative Shifters Social Capital

Infinite Possibilities

by Alan Rollins, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Detroit

“Wow you look great. You look fantastic…what are you doing?” were some of the things Miki Benning of FII-Detroit heard when she decided to make a change to improve her health and change her lifestyle.  In 2017, Benning lost 58 pounds through diet, cardio exercising and weight training. Benning discovered her passion for healthy living and people inquired about her successful weight loss journey. Benning soon became the go-to person in her community for answers. 

Benning seeks to utilize her knowledge of healthy living as a resource to give the keys to health and vitality to our FII community. Benning accredits becoming a part of the FII family to her aunt Patricia Greenwood of the FII group, of the “Women’s Circle Ministries” of Detroit. Benning was invited to share her personal goals with other women who supported each other’s goals. These women share much-needed, life-giving resources together. Benning joined FII in September 2018 and she summarizes her experience with FII in one word, “awesome.” Benning indicated that FII has been beneficial in providing a platform to empower people and presents an environment to uplift people.

She enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) where she will receive her Personal training certification through online coursework. Benning wants to develop a website dedicated to informing people on how to obtain a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. She also plans to own a facility where people can be educated on healthy cooking and exercise. 

Benning discovered through community connection how she could use her passion for healthy living to help others develop the same zeal she has for diet and exercise.  She aspires to lead others to experience the positive lifestyle change she has managed for years. FII families can find her on UpTogether, and she is also on Facebook as “Infinite Possibilities.”

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