July 12, 2019  |  Cincinnati Civic Engagement Cultural Awareness Narrative Shifters

Fueled Collective

by Julia Bean, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Cincinnati

On May 15, 2019, FII’s Cincinnati, Ohio site hosted a fundraising event at Fueled Collective. The name of the location personified the energy of the day. The night was a unique tapestry, a reflection of the diversity that flowed through the room. The powerful message echoed through the building resonating within the hearts and souls of all who attended, “TRUST AND INVEST IN FAMILIES.”

For those who were not familiar with FII prior to the fundraiser, there was no question of who this organization was and what it stands for, by the end of the day. From listening to one on one stories from members of cohorts, or to the Site Director Vashti Ruteledge, who captivated the audience with her passionate words. Nothing was left untapped. 

That day left a lasting impression, connecting us all as one, resulting in a fueled collective gaining momentum in changing the narrative about low-income families. 


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