May 14, 2020  |  Boston & Cambridge COVID19

Florence: Becoming the Voice of my Community

By Mary Muñoz, FII Story Curator

Florence is a single mom in Boston who is facing COVID-19 very precariously. Before this national emergency, she was working in two different jobs in order to be able to pay her rent and bills. She was already struggling with rent payments due to the high cost and now this situation came to make it even harder for her and her kids. She had applied to different resources available but did not get any help. After quarantine was a government order, she lost one of her jobs and now she is surviving with a part time job and they are facing serious financial difficulties.

Florence’s part-time job is only 15 hours per week, which is not enough for her to take care of every responsibility she has on her shoulders.  Fortunately for her, she is finally moving out to a place that is cheaper and she is looking forward to the end of this quarantine to be able to find another full-time job. Her kids are attending school online and taking care of each other while Florence is at work.. 

Another problem she is facing right now is that she has tried to get help from different food pantries around her community, but their schedules are not working for her due to her work schedule.  She is always looking for other resources that can help her. 

Florence is happy to be able to help her community by sharing her story, “I don’t mind sharing my story, because people can relate to it. I know not everybody will speak up about what is going on and I can be the voice of other people.”  Florence’s experience is a common denominator for many people in our community that are being affected in a negative way.  

Florence is an example to follow in our community, despite facing financial difficulties, she is willing to support and be the voice of her community.  

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