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Flor Gonzales Opens Daycare

by Jorge Montes Rodriguez, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Albuquerque

Picture a sweet compassionate soul, soft and tender like a child. Flor Gonzales is driven by some hardship moments, a trait that I believe makes her strong. Flor lost her son in an accident roughly 3 years ago. Flor mentioned that she has found a great lesson within this. She was moved to become involved in her community, specifically reaching out to other moms who are going through the same loss. Flor mentioned that the biggest thing she has learned is forgiveness (self-forgiveness) and strength to keep going. Flor has been able to slowly but surely accomplishing her goals.

One of her goals has been opening her home daycare. She started in her living room and recently expanded into her garage. When I asked Flor, what has been something that has helped her to accomplish her goals, her response was the direct investment FII has shown her. FII has invested in her dreams and trusted her.  Flor would like everyone in her community to look at her as a living example, as an immigrant who started from nothing, an individual who has been through pain. “Despite everything, I am an example of possibility,” she said.

Thank you, Flor for your inspiring, impactful and admirable story.    

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