November 9, 2016  |  Insights

FII’s Movement: There is an Alternative to the Trump Followers

As you know, the Family Independence Initiative (FII) was created to counter the negative stereotypes held towards those at the bottom of our economy, primarily women, those of color, refugees, and immigrants.  Last night we were stunned that such a large proportion of people in this country felt it acceptable to elect someone who openly holds those negative views.  But FII has not been defined by political leadership.

We believe the real power lies with the people themselves, especially when they come together and work collectively. Government and policies have not been central to the progress our families have made. And the mood in this country makes our work even more important.  Our family partners felt a punch in the stomach last night, and they continue to self-organize. We must continue to support this movement of people that turn to each other, help each other, and inspire each other.  It is that collective sense of community that empowers people to define their own future in spite of elections, policies, or the latest programs.

The movement we are nurturing has to be more than a few thousand; it has to be millions. We hope this election will be a turning point in which those that share our views will help us build that movement. Power must lie with the people, not a political leader. The results of this election can catalyze our movement against those who perpetuate racist beliefs and xenophobia. Our families and partners —our movement — will lead the way in challenging those negative views, and in creating a new vision for our future.

We thank you — our friends, families, partners, and supporters — for already supporting our work. Our families are in the process of developing a strategy to engage other families and supporters across the country in this movement.We ask you to sign up below, to join us and get updates about our movement, and to share it with at least five friends. Join us in furthering our movement.

Collectively, we can succeed. Let’s lift up the creativity and contributions of low-income families.

Yours in the Movement,

FII Staff

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