August 5, 2019  |  Announcements

FII 2018 Annual Report Release

We are excited to introduce our 2018 Annual Report and share highlights of where we have been and where we are headed.

We have a bold vision for the country: to fundamentally change the way we see and invest in low-income families who are struggling with poverty.

We believe low-Income families should be seen and recognized for their creativity, resourcefulness, strengths, and contributions. Like middle- and upper-class families, they should be afforded the agency over decisions that impact their lives, have access to direct investment to do with what they wish, and receive encouragement to build and strengthen social networks they can call upon for support.

Over the last 18 years, FII families have shared information with us across a wide swath of well-being indicators. Through robust analysis and interaction, we have come to learn the truth of families: their strengths, their resilience and commitment to their community; what they do to circumvent their challenges and roadblocks; and what works for them on their paths to mobility.

We’ve clearly demonstrated the approach to positive outcomes in family-led economic mobility which are not presently recognized by the system. We know that when families are in control of their decisions, when their initiative and contribution is seen and recognized, and when cash is accessible to invest in their self-determined solutions, everyone benefits—the families themselves, their neighborhoods and communities, and society at large.

Our 2019-2022 strategy requires the active participation of government and philanthropy in creating a new system through general adoption of FII’s approach. We invite both to join us in changing the plight of those living in poverty by putting families in control of their decisions, recognizing the initiative of communities, and putting cash in their hands to invest in their own solutions.


Jesús Gerena                                                                       Paula Sneed

CEO                                                                                       Board Chair


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