June 19, 2016  |  Civic Engagement Education New Orleans Social Capital UpTogether Fund

Dominique Minor

I was interested in starting a Social Club as a way to build community communication through artistic expression. “D’Artistry” is a crafting club for young artists.

The purpose of the social club is to build a network of artists, to share different artistic expressions and to create in a healing environment. Our youth range in age from 10 to 15 and work side by side with professional artists, who are masters at their craft. We share the rudiments of still life drawing, self-portraiting, and mixed-media painting.

“D’Artistry” teaches a new way of looking at the world. Through the art of drawing we teach hand/eye coordination, relaxed breathing, meditation and concentration. Through the mentorship of the senior artists the young artist learn life skills, the art of relaxation, patience, and results.

Through the mentorship of senior artists, young artists learn life skills, the art of relaxation, patience, and results in the "D’Artistry" social club.

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