April 3, 2019  |  Cultural Awareness Narrative Shifters Social Capital

Discovering Our Greatest Gifts

by Jorge Montes-Rodriguez, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Albuquerque

Iliana describes herself as someone who is invested in the well-being of her community. She believes that well-being starts with oneself and sees the growth a person can have by helping others because it’s where we discover their greatest gifts. “In giving there is receiving,” she says. Iliana strongly lives by treating others as you would want to be treated. One of Iliana’s greatest struggles is the language barrier she faces, because it often makes her feel limited in how she can express herself with others. This struggle has helped her find solutions to multiple problems, and discover meaning in her life. Iliana’s struggle has placed her as the manager of resources at a non-profit known as Encuentro, where she can express herself 100% in her first language.

When Iliana joined the FII-Albuquerque she was able to understand the greater meaning of resources and how they can impact one’s life. “Resources are essential to succeeding. They’re like guides through the road.” FII-Albuquerque has fueled her initiative by providing the platform to share resources and contribute to the well-being of her community.    

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