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Demonstration to Adoption: Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Over the last 18 years, FII’s model has proven successful. We have the evidence to support our claims that recognizing and fueling the initiative of people and their communities through direct investments fosters economic mobility. Our strategic direction takes this approach to the next level by calling on government and philanthropy to remove system barriers and shift to a strengths-based approach.

To make radical systems changes and focus on the strengths, rather than the weaknesses of those living in poverty, we need families, individuals, private capital, philanthropy, government and technology to cooperate. FII will validate the hard work and initiative reported by low-income families, enhance our data through rigorous technology standards, and partner with government and philanthropy to shift policies and practices toward direct investments.

Together, we will embark on a mission of collaborative cross-sector research, learning, and actions that fundamentally shift what is possible for low-income families. It’s time to change the $400 billion human service industries of government and philanthropy to invest directly in families who are creating economic mobility. We know enough to adopt practices that put families in control of their decisions, utilizing and expanding their social ties for long-term community prosperity.

Thank you for taking time to review our strategic direction, and using the form at the link to provide any feedback, ideas, or questions it stimulates.

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