January 27, 2015  |  Financial Health

Dawn Clark Shares Knowledge About Finances With Peers

Dawn Clark knows too many people in her community who can’t access banks due to poor credit history or police records. “What happens is that families then turn to check cashers and payday lenders,” Dawn says. “These service providers charge very high interests rates and hidden fees, keeping everyone in debt.”

In 2014, PNC Bank and the Brightmoor Community Alliance (BCA) made financial education available to their community. Dawn was among the first to enroll.

After obtaining her certification, she took the initiative to share what she learned with her FII cohort. Her peers are now using that knowledge to improve their own finances, with some opening checking accounts.

Dawn plans to continue helping others increase their financial capabilities. She’s one of the hundreds of individuals Family Independence Initiative partners with who are taking the initiative to lead their own change.

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