FII trusts and invests directly in low-income families so they can work individually and collectively to achieve prosperity.

FII does this by providing the technology platform to strengthen social networks, access resources, and support one another in achieving mobility.

The U.S. “War on Poverty” has underestimated the potential and resourcefulness of low-income communities to improve their own financial and general well-being. We know there are systematic barriers that challenge families’ ability to leverage their assets, strengths, and capacities. Our work is all about removing these barriers. We do away with the traditional top-down approach to fighting poverty by letting families themselves be the change agents.

It is unbelievable how a small relatively direct investment in families creates economic mobility.


To say we are encouraged by the progress we, and our families, made would be an understatement. To make radical system changes that focus on the strengths of all rather than the weaknesses of those living in poverty, we need the active participation of all stakeholders: Families, Individuals, Private Capital, Philanthropy, Government, and Technology.

Traditional command and control programs neither encourage nor reward initiative and ignore the innate human desire for self-sufficiency. Dignity and self-respect are often stripped away. Only when there is true collaboration between and among all stakeholders will the war against poverty be won.

We invite all stakeholders to collaborate, see the strengths and initiative of those living in low-income communities, and invest in them directly, resulting in the creation of win-win solutions that put choice and control squarely back into the hands of families.

Invest in family-led solutions.

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