April 9, 2019  |  Cincinnati Cultural Awareness Entrepreneurship Narrative Shifters Social Capital

Culture Creator and Family Ministry

by Khrys Styles, FII-Cincinnati, National Narrative Shifter

Meet Akosua Akoben, a member of the Kijiiji Success Group here in Cincinnati, a wife, and mother of one. When Akosua was introduced to FII by another cohort member, she immediately said yes to becoming a member. Akousa could see that it would serve as a great avenue to network and to gain support for the businesses she and her husband launched shortly before joining FII 8 months ago. A few months into the group, her husband was relocated to Louisville, KY, but that did not affect her determination to continue working with FII and nurturing the relationships she’s built.  Every month she travels 3 hrs collectively to participate the monthly meetings and always encouraging others to meet their goals. Akosua is following her dream and passion for the arts by establishing a theater company entitled ‘War Theater’, and has already cast her futuristic web series about five African American sheroes, which will be produced as an animated series as well.  Her family also launched a ministry entitled- S.A.A.F (safe).- Saving African American Families, with whom she is able to share about the amazing resources through partnership with FII. I asked her why she agreed to do this interview for us. Her response? “I’d help anyone looking to expand FII. I want to be a part of that.”  Speaking of expansion, she also hopes to launch a FII chapter in Louisville.

Give a great big hello to Akosua Akoben!

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