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Crystal Mahoney

I hail from Windsor Ontario and a hold dual citizenship status. I did not just happen to come across FII on my own, it was, in fact, a family member of mine who asked if I’d like to be a part of a new movement called Family Independence Initiative. I can honestly tell you that at the time I did not want to have any more commitments or anything extra on my plate. However, the more information I was able to gather about FII the more I knew this was something I had to be apart of.

Since I joined three or so months ago I’ve really been able to put a lot of things in perspective for my life. I’ve learned how to manage my time and my money a lot better. Not to mention as well as, every month, I am able to easily connect with others and their families. During our monthly meetings we reflect and give one another input regarding certain matters/issues that occur in everyday life. I love how open we can be with each other and how nine times out of 10, there’s usually always someone who has a resource. And despite there not always being solutions to our problems, we know it’s a safe place for everyone to be vulnerable. That is PRICELESS! Of course I recognize that this is only the stepping block for what’s to come. “Like they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!”

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you finally say enough is enough! I feel this is my time to take control over my life and my finances and so therefore I had to take that first step. I 110% do not regret ever having joined with my FII group. I can only encourage more people to do the same. It would be a dream to see this initiative take off and be offered world-wide, not just in the U.S. Let’s not forget that “People need People”. It’s not really money we need because if it was just about money, well then ask yourselves this, “If you could have all the money in the entire world or even just half but not a single person to share it with, or you could have someone to share your life with but not any money then which one would you prefer?” Most people would prefer to have companionship. You see the beauty about FII is that you can achieve both. It’s a journey that requires a group effort, as well as success — the two go hand and hand.

It’s truly amazing how FII helps hundreds of families in the community. Any member can have access to a website called up together. It is with this tool that I am able to reach out and further connect myself with others that share the same goals or interests.

I am currently involved in a music competition called istar which require me to obtain as many views as possible in order to move to the next round in the competition. To be apart of the voting process, please go to and type in istar Crystal Mahoney to watch and like my video. So far I’ve had much support from my group and still I continue to receive much encouragement and positive feedback from others. I am very excited to continue my endeavor and hope that by sharing my story I will be able to rid any doubts about FII as well as promote my myself as an artist.

There comes a time in everyone's life when you finally say enough is enough! I feel this is my time to take control over my life and my finances and so therefore I had to take that first step.

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