March 27, 2018  |  Albuquerque Financial Health Social Capital

Chicas Super Poderosas

The group Chicas Super Poderosas decided to put together some money for Norma, another member in their group. Norma had been experiencing some financial hardships, her mom was diagnosed with cancer and her son was sick. Norma was spending a lot of time at the hospital to care for them both, and because of this she was missing work a lot.

Her FII family group knew that one of the Fellows  — an FII family member that partners with FII and its families to organize their communities around issues important to them — had been fundraising all year long to help a family in need. They nominated Norma to receive the money. They also decided to put some money together as a group. The group gave Norma $110 and she also received $115 from the fellows. Because of this Norma was able to pay her phone bill and she bought some Christmas gifts for her kids.

One of the group members, Patricia Ortiz, commented, “Personally, I like to help people in need, because it is very nice to share with others a bit of what God gives you.”

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