February 24, 2020  |  Austin Entrepreneurship


Cherrelle is a graphic designer based in Austin who is using her work experience and passion for helping other women to start her own business. She joined FII last year after hearing about it from another member and learning about UpTogether, which she describes as “a platform where you can connect with other individuals to be able to eventually become financially independent while also having access to resources.” 

Cherrelle says that as an entrepreneur, she is in a lot of groups related to starting a business, and one of the biggest hurdles she sees women entrepreneurs face is the lack of resources and knowledge to take the next step with their business. She explains that many people start a business and do ok until they reach a certain growth point where costs can increase greatly. Cherrelle stated, “In these groups, a lot of misinformation gets spread where people don’t actually know what they are talking about.” This led her to found Sade’s Elegant Foundation, through which she helps other women entrepreneurs with the process of starting their own business. With her background in graphic design, which she is now studying and working towards a Bachelor’s degree in, she is able to assist clients with logos, marketing, and website needs. She also has partners, such as the First Ladies of Poverty, who she works with to get her clients connected to help with financial planning and credit repair. Cherrelle also provides assistance with resume building and performing mock interviews. She has been able to utilize UpTogether funds to assist with her business expenses.

Ultimately, Cherrelle is passionate about getting more women into leadership positions. She makes sure that the women she works with are able to become independent. She has been able to connect with people on UpTogether to get the word out about her business. 

On what drives her, Cherrelle said, “Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, but I want to help people find out what it is they really want to do.”

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