April 21, 2020  |  In the News

Center for the Study of Liberty Podcast Episode 14 “We Are One Another’s Best Resource: The Fight Against Poverty”

The Center for the Study of Liberty interviewed FII CEO Jesús Gerena on their podcast. Listen to the podcast and read show the show notes here.


We’ve had a “war on poverty” for over 50 years.  And during the COVID-19 crisis, we’re seeing dramatic changes to the social safety net in an effort to keep Americans housed, fed, and cared for during a national emergency.

But what have those on the frontlines in the battle against poverty learned about what it takes to move families out of poverty? Are there ideas we should consider outside of the expansion of government programs to support financial recovery and economic mobility? What really breaks the cycle of poverty and helps people flourish?

Our guest today is Jesús Gerena, the Chief Executive Officer of the Family Independence Initiative. We’ve invited him to join us to shed light on some different approaches to helping families escape poverty in the US.

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