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One Family’s Experience with FII-Boston’s By-FII EXPO

My name Karla Ulloa and I joined FII three months. I am trying to formally launch a painting business with my fiancé. He works for a company that does painting in large buildings but he has always done painting on the side to make extra money. When we learned of the ‘By FII’ Expo that was held by FII families this past December, we decided to participate, promote our business, and see if it would take off. My brother, who has business experience, helped us out at the show, and my mother, who was already selling jewelry to her friends and coworkers on the side, joined us as well — I thought maybe she would be able to attract extra business at the Expo. Using FII’s UpTogether Fund technology stipend, I was able to purchase ‘square’ and a printer to produce invoices and receive payment via credit cards, as well as supplies to professionally showcase our businesses at the Expo.

Because it was our first time doing anything like this, I invited Angelique, one of my group members, to come help in case our booth got too busy to handle and I suggested her daughter Audrey come as well to share our table so she could sell trinkets she already sells to her classmates at school. She was excited and nervous and even bumped into some of her classmates.  She ended up selling more than we did and was loving it. It was such a fun experience for her. I am glad she was successful. I am happy they came to help and support us and that they were able to sell their products. We were all very nervous but it turned out to be a great success!

Next year, I am hoping to bring Imani, another member of my group, to sell the soap bombs she makes.

And I even picked up some ideas on how to use social media to advertise!





I have seen people grow through their experience with FII; my friend has nothing but great things to say about her success as an FII partner.

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