Board of Directors

Evan Feinberg

Arlington, VA

Evan Feinberg is executive director of Stand Together Foundation, our philanthropic community’s effort to break barriers and improve lives in communities. Stand Together Foundation vets non-profit organizations across the country to select social entrepreneurs capable of helping people break the cycle of poverty. Once selected, Stand Together Foundation helps social entrepreneurs grow through management support, financial resources, and connections to the other capabilities and resources of our philanthropic community. Prior to joining Stand Together Foundation, Evan served as president of Generation Opportunity and as a program manager at the Charles Koch Institute. In 2012, Evan became one of the first millennials to run for the U.S. Congress in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Earlier in his career, Evan served as a senior aide to U.S. Senators Rand Paul and Tom Coburn and as a researcher at the Heritage Foundation. His wife, Sarah, is a former officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and a veteran of the Iraq War. They have three boys: Luke, Zack, and Jake.

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