September 27, 2019  |  Austin Narrative Shifters

Alejandra García

From Housewife to Businesswoman

by Mary Muñoz, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Albuquerque

FII Site: Austin

Alejandra and her beautiful family, made up of her husband and 4 children, heard of FII in one of the programs offered to the Hispanic community called Avance. In this program, families receive parenting classes. When they heard the information about FII, they formed their group with their neighbors and called it the “Elroy” Group, which is the street where all the members of the group live.

Alejandra is a mom dedicated and committed to the growth, development and care of her children. That’s why she dedicated herself only to the home. Then, the opportunity arose to have her own business of sale of home products through a company and she was encouraged to start her small business. This business can sometimes cost her a lot of work to get ahead since sometimes she did not have the money to order the products for her clients. Alejandra leaned on her husband to lend her money to complete the orders, but sometimes he couldn’t.

Alejandra asked for her UpTogether funds to invest part of the money in her business and with the other half she started a second quilt and bedspread business. This funds has helped her place the orders on time and her money is growing. In a few months when her investment grows, she is planning to make some improvements to her home.

Alejandra tells us that FII has been a great support to get ahead with her business and personal projects. “I feel a more independent woman, since before I had to depend 100% on my husband and now I can even help the economy of our home, I feel very happy and excited at the same time.”

The National Narrative Shifters are FII families that want to take the lead on advocating for FII’s approach of direct investment in family initiative and fostering of self-determination and supportive relationships. National Narrative Shifters collect stories of the hard work and initiative happening in their communities. Using FII’s data to corroborate the stories and leveraging FII’s blog and media networks and channels, they are creating a compelling national story on what families actually need to achieve economic mobility. This story was written by one of our 2019 National Narrative Shifters.

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