March 10, 2019  |  Narrative Shifters

Bárbara Ortiz, National Narrative Shifter

by Monica Gooden

There’s diamonds in the hills of Cambridge, MA. Bárbara Ortiz, is one such treasure. Barbara is a highly valued community builder. Devoted wife, loving mom to a beautiful little girl, youth educator, and parent mentor are among the many ways in which Barbara illuminates her community. She is able to see things through different angles and foster critical thinking among families. As a newly selected National Narrative Shifter, Barbara is eager to do her part to amplify new ideas into public perception and remove compounded layers negativity surrounding how family units function. “The truth is people do work hard. But, hard work is NOT the whole story”, says Bárbara. “Community resources often miss the human connection to families and kills the spirit to dream big.” Barbara is an easy listener, who encourages hopefulness in the grandest sense. As I have witnessed her ability to allow space for others to be seen and appreciated, Barbara’s shine is as bright and as brilliant as the most precious of diamonds. Even the hills of Cambridge couldn’t keep this treasure a secret.

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