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Baba KenAmen

Many of our young folks are disillusioned with the current school system, which continues to suffer from economic cuts. Further, many of our youth have specific interests not being met by the current curriculum. I started the Manhood Inc. Social Club to answer this growing need in our community. I am interested in this Club as there is a need for serious mentorship in our community that is rooted in The African Rites of Passage.

This Social Club brings young men and elders together to teach them how to conduct business, write manifestos, write memoirs, obituaries, invoices, and business proposals. We serve as advice givers, common sense pundits, and freedom advocates through journaling, support grouping, workshops, and conference calls.

More than just a celebration or a party, I believe that social gatherings are the essence of upheaval, uprising, and personal growth. When groups of people gather around a common cause, the workload is lighter and the results are greater. The support we offer one another is invaluable towards personal and collective growth. This social club is designed to affect the personal and collective growth of men in our communities as fathers, husbands, and brothers. This program is promoting and teaching the tenets of real and honorable Manhood, Fatherhood, Brotherhood, Husbandry, and leadership. Improvement in all of these areas of our lives as men will curve poverty, violence, depression, fulfillment and hopelessness.

Our brand of education endeavors to bring wisdom from within. We aim to awaken the natural creative genius.

Created the Manhood Inc. Social Club bringing young men together with their elders in my community.

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