May 12, 2020  |  Austin COVID19

Atenea: In Difficult Times, Together we are Stronger

By: Mary Muñoz, FII Story Curator

In response to COVID-19, families across the country’s lives changed dramatically overnight, without warning. One day we woke up with a virus that changed our lives and our family routines. For the family of UpTogether member Atenea Manuel, their small business, Massages and Marketing Networks,  was strongly impacted by the situation nationwide. First, there was a significant drop in clients, and in recent weeks she was forced to stop offering her massage services for the safety of her clients and her family. Her husband, who works in construction, still continues to work and is the main support for his family. They are a working family of three people living here in Austinand and one daughter living in Mexico, who depends directly on them financially. This situation has had a very drastic economic impact for the family. 

Undoubtedly we are going through difficult times, but at the same time is when we must be more united as a community. Atenea started creating different support ideas for her community. Some of her neighbors have yet to go out to work and have no one to care for their children because the schools remain closed. So she organized herself to take care of the children of the mothers who still need to go out to work during the day. She also helps people who are going to work by cleaning their houses. Atenea has a heart of service and is always ready to contribute to her community and in these difficult times she does it completely free. 

Atenea is a great example of how together we are stronger in these difficult times. And like the many people from her community come together to support each other between families and in this way progress and succeed in this country. A clear form of the power and potential that exists in each of the families and how their initiatives motivate, help and achieve changes in the community.

Atenea:En Tiempos Difíciles, Unidos Somos más Fuertes

En respuesta a COVID-19, las familias alrededor del país,  cambiaron dramáticamente de la noche a la mañana, sin previo aviso. Un día nos despertamos con un virus que cambió nuestras vidas y nuestras rutinas familiares. Para la familia miembro de UpTogether, Atenea Manuel, su pequeña empresa, de Masajes y Redes de Mercadeo, se vio fuertemente afectada por la situación en todo el país. Primero, hubo una caída significativa en los clientes, y en las últimas semanas se vio obligada a dejar de ofrecer sus servicios de masaje por la seguridad de sus clientes y su familia. Su esposo, que trabaja en la construcción, sigue trabajando y es el principal apoyo para su familia. Son una familia trabajadora de tres personas que viven aquí en Austin y una hija que vive en México, que depende directamente de ellos económicamente. Esta situación ha tenido un impacto económico muy drástico para la familia.

Indudablemente estamos atravesando tiempos difíciles, pero al mismo tiempo es cuando debemos estar más unidos como comunidad. Atenea comenzó a crear diferentes ideas de apoyo para su comunidad. Algunos de sus vecinos aún necesitan salir a trabajar y no tienen a nadie para cuidar a sus hijos porque las escuelas permanecen cerradas. Entonces se organizó para cuidar a los hijos de las madres que todavía necesitan

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