FII’s online community building platform where families discover each other’s expertise, find support and access dollars.

In response to family requests, we built UpTogether.org. Our family partners wanted to connect with families in other cities and found value in the opportunity to build relationships and their networks beyond neighborhoods. Yet, they didn’t trust the existing platforms that were available. They trusted FII and each other and UpTogether was born.

Today, UpTogether is the backbone of FII’s technology providing the space for families to connect, be the expert, journal monthly, and access resources. Families continue to trust FII and UpTogether, knowing that the site and their data is secure and protected. Additionally, it is accessible on all devices and medias removing barriers to access for families.

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Everyone is an expert, even if they do not realize it.

We have seen that the barriers to economic and social mobility for low-income families are not found within the families, but instead are a set of assumptions that characterize low-income people as either lazy or helpless victims who need professional intervention. Families are showing that everyone is an expert. Through UpTogether, we highlight people and their expertise in order to for other families to connect to them, ask for advice, and learn. Social networking technology is showcasing and leverages the power of connectivity and the strengths of low-income families.

Through UpTogether, Families


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