UpTogether Fund

FII invests directly in families, celebrating their strengths and filling a resource gap.

According to The Pew Charitable Trusts, the average cost of financial shock is $2,000 (job layoff, health crisis, etc). Families that have worked hard to escape poverty and build their assets are forced to dissolve those assets before qualifying for safety net benefits when faced with a financial shock, returning them to poverty and a position of need. On average over 2 years we invest $2,400 directly in families to match their initiatives and connect them to each other to sustain economic mobility.

Initiative Driven Dollars

The UpTogether Fund is a flexible marketplace of financial capital created to match families self-initiatives and self-directed strategies. Made available in response to data collected through UpTogether and the monthly journaling, UpTogether Fund offerings have been specifically chosen and designed to enable and accelerate families’ success on whatever path they choose and will continue to be honed to meet change family needs.

Eligibility requirements for resource access include attendance at cohort monthly meetings and up-to-date data entry through monthly journals. Looking closely at how families who access the Resource Hub use those resources provides insight as to how low-income families are choosing to map their paths to economic and social mobility.

Families can access dollars to support their self-directed efforts on their own timeline, the same way that middle and upper-income families purchase services and products in the open market. FII is creating a new way to invest in low-income families.

Families can access savings and health matches, zero or low interest loans, scholarships, and social change and family time grants, as well as other resources. Numerous resource partnerships are in place such as Kiva, who offers online crowdfunding; Mission Asset Fund for credit-building lending circles and Puddle.com, an online “community bank” through which FII families create small pools of funds.

A Small Investment has Huge Returns.

The average investment directly to families over two years is $2,400.

Family Choice and Impact

Each family has different goals and needs; ways in which they use the support of FII’s UpTogether Fund are varied and determined by their strengths, interests, and dreams.

The results of their initiative; however, are similar across the board: nearly all FII families experience increased financial stability, stronger networks of support, and lasting change for themselves and their children.

Resource Hub Case Statements

Want to learn more about our family’s initiatives and their usage of the UpTogether Fund? Download one of our case statements. Trust and investment in low-income families sees significant changes.

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