Family Independence Initiative uses technology to invest in low-income families.

A small financial and social capital investment yields high family acceleration into the middle class.

Technology Driven

With technology, we recognize family initiative and create value for low-income communities.

Today’s technology has exponentially accelerated our pace of discovery and learning. Yet, the industry often focuses on extracting information without a social or economic value created. Analytics4, FII’s technology and data division, is building technology that is focused on value creation for low-income communities. With data science, predictive marketing is used to make movie recommendations or suggest what pair of shoes to buy. FII is using predictive technology to invest in family initiatives that accelerate the accomplishment of their goals and dreams.

Built on Trust

We engage and learn from low-income families. Through trust and technology, we are transforming how to invest in families.

We have created a community building platform, UpTogether, that enables families to be in control of their own lives. Using this technology, families are building connections and sharing their expertise with others, throughout the nation. Families share monthly household data including income, asset levels, liabilities, social capital activities, and more.  In turn, we create demand driven resources to provide choice of and access to capital to accelerate their own initiatives.

Through increased social connections and a small capital investment, families are moving out of poverty and into self sufficiency.

True Insight into our Communities

Data provided by families are shifting the perceptions of and investments in low-income communities.

By collecting and analyzing the 200+ data points provided monthly by thousands of family partners nationwide, we are able to provide direct feedback through visualizations to our family partners. We also better learn and understand the initiatives of families which allows us to create demand driven resources. We provide market driven learning and impact reports to policy makers, philanthropy, business owners and other key stakeholders. Together, we can learn directly from low-income families and communities to effectively drive investments to match their initiatives shifting the perceptions and practices aimed at mobility.

Our Analytics

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