How It Works

FII offers a different and very simple approach: We trust and invest in the initiative and capacity of low-income families, allowing them to move themselves out of poverty.

We offer families their own accountability system. They set their own goals and trust their peers to support them on their journey. Rather than providing social workers, services, or direction, we create an environment where families come together, empower themselves, and are trusted to improve their lives, in their own way. As they take initiative, families get more, not less, access to resources that can accelerate their efforts.

Our community-focused and technology-based approach has five major components:

Commitment to Families

We ask families to partner with us, trust us with the information they provide through monthly journals, and join us in debunking the myths about low-income communities.

Families join FII in a group of 5 to 7 other families from their community. They make a 2-year commitment to one another by meeting and journaling monthly. In return, we unlock dollars in FII’s UpTogether Fund based on the data they provide accelerating their mobility.

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