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Antoinette Fort

My name is Antoinette Fort and I am 49 years old. I live and work in San Francisco. When I joined FII over 5 years ago, I had 3 children and was struggling. I chose to participate in FII because I liked what they had to offer me and my family, helping me with my credit and bonding with other families. I found out that some families shared similarities with mine, such as being low-income and a single mother. I also got to socialize with new and fantastic families and my family benefitted from FII’s resources.

My group was called the FAB FIVE. We shared experiences and learned from one another. We also watched each other reach our goals and dreams, such as purchasing new cars, going back to school and receiving a degree, watching each other’s children reach great heights and milestones in school and succeed!

My experience with FII made me more computer savvy and very punctual with regards to my group data and journals. My goals are to purchase a new home (my credit score is now over 850) and to save money monthly.

I have used the Resource Hub twice so far. My first resource was the FII credit loan where I borrowed $750 to fix my credit. Then I used the Family Time resource. My family was able to benefit from taking short trips in the Bay Area together. It has impacted me in a beautiful and awesome way, to bond and get to know my children and their needs better. My family truly benefitted from FII Resource Hubs.

FII has watched me improve my credit and has changed my life forever and my children’s life in a positive and productive way. They have made me feel important and showed me what a role model truly is for my community and my family. I am so glad they came into my life. I will always be grateful!

I am a single mother of three children.

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