March 28, 2017  |  Announcements Insights

Announcing FII’s new website and research on entrepreneurial activity

FII partners with low-income working families, the vast majority of whom are minorities living and working in urban areas. At enrollment, the average yearly income for an FII family of four is $23,820 or 97% of the federal poverty threshold. After two years, the average yearly income for that same family climbs to $32,088 or 30% above the threshold. We know that each family chooses their own unique path towards economic mobility. And we were pleased to learn that many families started their own informal businesses to accelerate their economic mobility. In fact, FII families engaged in entrepreneurial activity at rates higher than the general population by a margin of 4%.

We were curious about this trend, what it could tell us about our families, and how it influenced their engagement in our model. Because our families log into their online journals to input information about income and savings, health, education and skills, housing, leadership and connections each month, we have the opportunity to take a deep dive to better understand the entrepreneurial activities of our families, and were surprised at some of our findings. Read more here

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