July 12, 2019  |  Chicago Narrative Shifters

Andrew from the South Side

by Khrys Styles, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Cincinnati

Allow me to introduce Andrew Darko from the South side of Chicago!

He is currently a student majoring in Finance which made joining FII a no-brainer for him as he himself is working towards financial literacy. When Andrew found out about the opportunities to connect with resources that would normally not be available to him, like the chance to connect with a credit union in New Mexico that works with FII Family Partners with less than perfect credit, he wanted to find out more. Since joining, he is happy to share that he has been able to pay down his credit card debt with UpTogether disbursements.

Andrew has also found that doing the monthly journals is much like keeping Expenditure Statements. “It has been very gratifying and it really helps me see what i’m doing financially by showing me what I’m spending on and seeing the decrease in debt,” Andrew shared. Andrew joined in November of 2018 and he’s very confident that by the end of his 2-year tenure he will be completely debt free.

Outside of being very passionate about family finance and wealth, Andrew has been serving the community as a Big Brother through the Hyde Park Neighborhood Centers Big Brother Little Sister program for 4 years. He works with his little brother every Saturday by helping, encouraging and supporting him with homework, sports, and field trips. His hope is to work with other young people in the future as well. Andrew says that once he finishes school he wants to go into the schools to speak on financial literacy and debt to students as young as 7th grade in an effort to educate and encourage better financial choices for those who will soon be the decision makers in our communities. He is also hopeful that his journey with FII will present the opportunity for him to be a resource for other members by facilitating sessions on debt, and credit and financial literacy at no charge!

Not only a future financial wizard, but Andrew is also an exceptional Chef. When asked what his area of expertise is, he said ‘Italian Food’. He also share that he is currently working bringing and exquisite dining experience with Vegan Food and looks to go into Catering. 

As an NNS in the Cincinnati area, it was great to learn that Mr. Darko is no stranger to my city. He attends our annual Jazz Festival/ Music Festival each year and has family and friends in surrounding areas. After meeting Andrew and having the opportunity to share his story, I am looking forward to meeting him in person this summer right here in Cincinnati.

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