March 10, 2019  |  Cincinnati Narrative Shifters

Julia Bean, National Narrative Shifter

by Maria Jandres

I want to introduce an amazing woman that is part of the 2019 National Narrative Shifters (NNS) cohort. Her name is Julia Bean she is from Cincinnati, Ohio. The reason why Julia Bean wants to be part of the National Narrative shifter is because she has experienced the power of stories and wants to be a part of something that helps people speak their truth and uplift the communities voices. Julia felt like becoming a NNS would do this as well as give her the opportunity to pursue her passion by helping others achieve their goal. She is a mother of 5 kids, licensed esthetician, advocate, fragrance developer (every fragrance has some healing benefit) and an entrepreneur business owner of B.YOUnique soulistic healing center. She started this center because as an esthetician the beauty of the souls of every person comes not only from the outside but from the inside so in the center she wants her clients find their Unique beauty and believe in themselves. She is inspiring other women to find their passion and empowered and using her superpower of connecting with others that is changing many women’s life. I admire Julia and happy to meet her.


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