April 14, 2017  |  Civic Engagement Detroit

Minnie Davis

Citizen University was very exciting for me. I was selected to attend and also be a part of the FII Design Team to create a workshop for the conference. I had an opportunity to meet other FII family members from Detroit as well as San Francisco, Boston, New Orleans, Fresno and Oakland. It was amazing to hear their stories and see where they stand in their communities on different issues — most of which centered on race relations, social justice, and stereotyping.

Our Design Team was made up of five FII families. Our workshop topic was Unity-Not Fear. We worked together really well delivering an interactive session on what fears people have and how do we overcome fear, how to strengthen relationships, and sharing stories and breaking stereotypes.

The workshop was well received by participants and they left feeling motivated, knowing they are not alone, that their voices matter, and they are able to create next steps for action. There were some real releases through sharing — the tears and the laughter— and the joy of knowing that we were able to encourage someone else to come out of their comfort zone and grow in a non-judgmental setting.

I did a follow-up workshop for my FII groups, Go-Getters Inspiring Others and Young Men-N-Motion. I am also sharing this message as I facilitate workshops in the schools and community. Don’t let fear stop us from being Unified. We are here to work together so we rise together. I am looking forward to working with the next Citizen University conference.

We are here to work together so we rise together.

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