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2014 Torchlight Prize Nominations Are Open

Today, we officially opened nominations for Family Independence Initiative’s 2014 Torchlight Prize, a national

2013 Torchlight Prize Winners
Black Dot Collective: 2013 Torchlight Prize Winners

annual award that recognizes and invests in the initiative that self-organized groups of families, friends, and neighbors from communities with the fewest resources are taking to strengthen their communities. Each year, the Torchlight Prize awards $10,000 each to up to four self-organized, grassroots groups that have come together to create positive change in their communities. From work related to immigrant rights, youth empowerment, cultural preservation, LGBTQ discrimination, and many other areas, the groups that are chose to receive a Torchlight Prize exemplify the opportunities that exist to invest in and build on resident-led solutions that are already working in communities all across America.


VietyUnity: 2013 Torchlight Prize Winners



Help us spread the word about the 2014 Torchlight Prize. Please submit a nomination, and encourage those in your network to do the same.  We’re looking for groups of family members and friends who serve as the best examples of the power communities have to create relevant and sustainable solutions for themselves.


To apply for a Torchlight Prize, an electronic nomination form and at least three letters of support must be submitted at by 11:59 p.m. PT on June 30, 2014. Nominations can be submitted by anyone, whether they are a member of a nominated group or simply know of the group’s work. This year’s winners will be announced in September 2014.


Please visit for more information.

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