Trust and invest in families.

Making Poverty Escapable

Why make poverty tolerable, when we can make it escapable?

As a nation, we have missed an opportunity to invest directly in the initiative and strength of low-income families working toward economic mobility. 75% of low-income families move above the federal poverty line within four years. Yet, 50% slip back under within five years. Under the current system, families struggle to build the necessary assets to weather the next crisis and aren’t rewarded for their initiative in doing so. FII is changing this resource gap for low-income families by partnering with, learning from, and investing directly in families.

How FII Works

Together we are building a movement to change the way low-income families are perceived and invested in, nationwide.

We provide an environment and technology platform called UpTogether for families to build their own community. We learn about the actions and activities families are taking to improve their lives and design direct capital investments matching their initiatives. This approach accelerates their social and economic mobility and makes poverty escapable.

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