Trust and invest in families.

Making Poverty Escapable

Why make poverty tolerable, when we can make it escapable?

At Family Independence Initiative, we believe that every family is worth investing in, and that one’s income level should not dictate one’s ability to choose what is best or right for their own family.

Our family-centered, strength-based and data-driven approach is as revolutionary as it is simple.  

Inspired by the historical successes of poor communities in the U.S., and based on the principles of respect, self-determination, and social connections, we are championing a community-led revolution to boost and sustain economic and social mobility for the millions of Americans who live at or below the poverty line

The simple secret lies in trusting and investing in families.  Join us.

How FII Works

Together we are building a movement to change the way low-income families are perceived and invested in, nationwide.

With an unprecedented 20-year data set, Family Independence Initiative has proven that low-income communities can increase their economic and social mobility when they are in environments that support self-determination and mutual support, and where access to resources is determined by strengths not deficits.

Our strength-based and family-centered approach acknowledge where the power really lies: in the hands of families and communities. Together we are building a nationwide revolution to boost social and economic mobility for all.

UpTogether ® is our signature technology platform where families come together online to work together toward greater social and economic mobility. We listen and learn about the actions and activities families take to improve their lives and provide direct cash investments that match these initiatives. To date, we have invested nearly 200K households through the UpTogether platform. This approach accelerates social and economic mobility for families, making poverty escapable.

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