Torchlight Prize

What is the Torchlight Prize?
Family Independence Initiative (FII) established the Torchlight Prize in 2012 to recognize and invest in self-organized groups of families, friends, and community members who have come together in meaningful ways to strengthen their communities. The Torchlight Prize is designed to encourage direct investment into resident-led initiatives to amplify their impact.

The work of Torchlight Prize winners exemplifies our belief that powerful, sustainable, and relevant results can be created for families and communities when everyday people work together to pool ideas, resources, and efforts to create positive change in their own communities. Torchlight Prize winners don’t wait for social workers, agencies, policy-makers, or philanthropy to improve their communities – rather, they take the initiative to create their own paths toward community prosperity.

How are Winners Chosen?
Each year, a selection committee, comprised of leaders from both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, choose up to four nominated groups to receive a $10,000 prize that recognizes them for their community work. The prize is awarded over two years – $5,000 per year, per prize winning organization.

To be considered for a Torchlight Prize, a group’s origins must be informal, and not initiated by an organization, nonprofit, or government program or service. Groups must demonstrate a positive impact on their community and they must live and act in the United States.

Visit the Torchlight Prize website.