Wilson Alzate 5In 2010, Wilson Alzate saw the writing on the wall: the trucking company he was working for was going to start laying off workers. Instead of waiting for a pink slip, Wilson and his wife Luz decided to use their savings and start their own trucking company.

To purchase a truck, Wilson applied for a bank loan, but was offered an interest rate of 23.5%. Instead of taking it, Wilson and Luz applied for, and received, a zero-interest loan through FII’s Resource Bank. In addition, they accessed FII’s savings match, which matched their saving two-to-one. Wilson and Luz put a down payment on a truck and launched their business.

Since then, Wilson has generated enough income to pay for the truck in full. Now he is partnering with a friend to expand his business. A small investment from FII yielded a significant income increase for Wilson and Luz, who have now set their sights on buying a home for their family!

The Alzates are just one example of the hundreds of families who are taking the initiative to lead their own change. Now you have an opportunity to support them directly by donating to our campaign.

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